AI Tools and professional development for 21st century skills

Build a STEAM culture.
Increase collective teacher efficacy.
Certification ready in 12 months.

A platform empowering schools and districts to take STEAM to the classroom


Empower teachers

Teacher burnout is real. Eduply's learning experience creates improved working relationships. It increases job satisfaction and lowers levels of stress and burnout.

Use existing curriculum

The last thing teachers need is yet another curriculum. Eduply develops the skills and knowledge necessary to incorporate STEAM into the existing curriculum.

A simplified journey

STEAM doesn't have to be overwhelming. Teachers learn a simple, intuitive way to bring 21st learning into the classroom, no matter their subject.  

Accelerated certification

If achieving STEM/STEAM certification is important we will help accelerate the process. Our goal is to have you ready to start certification within 12 months .

For teachers and students 

One Big Learning Experience™




Artifacts & Awards

A reinvigorated active collaboration between students and teachers

Build a STEAM culture in any school 

Eduply empowers teachers to take STEM & STEAM to the classroom immediately. The three stages - benchmarking, concepts, artifacts & awards - fit around any curriculum and impact the classroom from day one.
School and teachers understand where to apply new knowledge

Knowing the STEM/STEAM roadmap

Administrators and teachers benchmark their starting-point through quick assessments and live interviews. This allows for capture of learning gains across the school and leads to measurable professional development. 
Horizontal and vertical alignment built-in to the school day

Excite teachers by the simplicity

Monthly sessions address twelve STEM/STEAM concepts that are inclusive of the whole school and all subjects. There is differentiated support through live sessions and office hours. Classroom activities are provided as short bursts of learning that can be delivered in just fifteen-minutes.
Teachers and students feel the gains in the classroom

Build evidence for certification

Teachers upload artifacts to track progress. Live online sessions with teachers and staff provide feedback and celebrate successes. Administrators have data to highlight where areas of need exist. Transfer STEM artifacts to the COGNIA or State certification process and get certified faster.

Cognia & State 

Accelerated  Certification

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Get STE(A)M-Ready fast

No matter the stage of your STEM journey, we'll have you ready to start certification within 12-months

Build evidence

Collect STEM artifacts. Use the evidence for your State or COGNIA certification application. 

State or COGNIA

We support your STE(A)M  journey based on State or COGNIA standards.


The real takeaway is having teachers and kids equipped with 21st century STEM concepts.

A Platform Inclusive Of All 

Knowledge and tools to create an equitable learning environment

Live Sessions Interactive Videos

Sessions are delivered online through live and on-demand workshops. Office hours with a STEAM expert provide extra learning opportunities. 

Mini Classroom Activities 

STEAM concepts are simple. Mini classroom activities provide short bursts of 15-minute learning. Small incremental steps guide teachers without pressure.

Take Quizzes Submit Artifacts

Take quizzes. Receive feedback on learning gains. Gamification makes it fun. Teachers capture classroom artifacts to record STEAM progress. 

Reports and Dashboards

Administrators get transparency into their STEAM journey. Progress by teacher, school, or district highlight where resources should be allocated.

Increased teacher efficacy

Job-embedded personal development

Built-in added value permeates directly to students through embedded activities and assessments. 
  Teachers get a voice and choice on how to do STEAM
  Reduced pressure on teachers by using small activity modules
  PD that gets directly in the hands and brains of kids. 





Eduply's innovative AI STE(A)M coach empowers teachers to bring STE(A)M concepts into the classroom effortlessly, offering mini professional development sessions that are on-demand, allowing educators to learn at their own pace and level. Through personalized video content and AI-driven coaching, teachers receive tailored ideas and insights specific to their subject, grade, and unique educational needs, enhancing their understanding and application of STE(A)M education.
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Step 1: Learn the concepts

No matter the stage of your STE(A)M journey, we'll have you teaching STE(A)M from day-1,

Step 2: Create Activities

Collect classroom artifacts. Use the evidence for your State or COGNIA certification application. Reduce workload.

Cognia & State

We support your STE(A)M  journey based on State or COGNIA standards.

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