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Empower Your CTAE Teaching

We revolutionize how Career and Technical Education (CTAE) teachers create lesson plans and classroom content. Designed by educators for educators, our AI tools simplify the lesson planning process, making it faster, more efficient, and tailored to the unique needs of each CTAE subject. Whether you're transitioning from industry to the classroom or looking to revitalize your teaching materials, Eduply is here to support your journey towards creating more engaging and impactful learning experiences.


CTAE Programs Supported
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Adaptable Content Creation: Boosting Student Workforce Readiness

Generate subject-specific lesson plans that resonate with your students. Our AI-driven platform understands the nuances of CTAE subjects, from healthcare to engineering, ensuring your lessons are always relevant and up-to-date.
  • Any CTAE subject
  • All experience levels
  • Puts you in control
  • Develop your skills
— Onboard and retain industry experts as teachers

Seamless Transition: Industry to Teaching with confidence.

We break down barriers for industry experts entering CTAE teaching. Eduply's professional development quickly builds confidence in lesson planning, allowing instructors to leverage their expertise, engage students, and focus on teaching without prior educational background worries.

Bite-Sized Learning Segments

15-minute modules introduce modern teaching, CTAE insights, and practical applications via engaging videos, streamlining technology use in classrooms effectively.

Revolutionary "CTAE AI Coach"

After each video, use the "CTAE AI Coach" for a tailored learning experience. This AI tool tests understanding, offers feedback, and personalizes guidance to fit your learning style.

A First in Educational Technology

First AI-driven learning for CTAE teachers, transforming teaching practices. Instantly redefine professional development, empowering educators for impactful student futures. 
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Empowering Teachers, Paving Student Pathways to Workforce

Our tools offer teachers the flexibility to adjust lesson plans dynamically to meet student needs and integrate skills acquired from industry experience.
  • Embed real world connections 
  • Make classroom content engaging & relevant
  • Empower less experienced teachers
  • Cut planning time by 50%-80%
  • Differentiate lesson content in minutes


Programs CTAE Supported
— All encompassing

Works for teachers, schools and districts

Our AI-driven learning platform benefits teachers, schools, and districts, translating to better student engagement and creating stronger pathways from classroom to industry.
— Lesson: How Fertilizers Work
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— Lesson: How Fertilizers Work
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Education & course content highlights

We ensure our trainings can deliver value when and how our trainees need—whether that be with the support and guidance of instructors or independently and remotely.
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We can tailor a solution for any school or district CTAE program. 
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