AI that frees educators
to do what they love: TEACH

Bring creativity and efficiency to your lesson planning and communication. 
Reduce time spent creating content to minutes with our suite of AI tools.
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Educators of all sizes trust Eduply to empower their teaching experience

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The fastest way to plan using
educational AI chatbots

Eduply accelerates classroom content creation by 50% over traditional planning methods.
Our customized educational chatbots are tailored specifically for teachers, unlike Chat GPT, Bard, or Co-Pilot.

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More Engaged Students

Efficient, Engaging, and Inclusive Lesson Planning

Streamlined Planning for Every Classroom:
Dive into the future of lesson planning with our AI-powered tools, designed to simplify the creation of comprehensive lesson content across all subjects and grades. Within minutes, tailor your plans to fit the diverse needs of your classroom. Our platform supports differentiation, IEPs and the inclusion of any standard, making it adaptable to any teaching scenario.

Versatile Tools for All Subjects and Grades:
Our AI suite is designed to work seamlessly across all subjects and grade levels, empowering you to bring creativity and depth to your teaching. From science experiments to literary analysis, create interactive and dynamic lessons that captivate and inspire. Elevate your teaching and provide a quality education that prepares students for success in an ever-changing world.
What The Teachers Are Saying

"My planning time is halved.
Yay, my weekend is back."

Delores - Atlanta Public Schools
"Superintendents and leaders need to see this. This is such a gift to their teachers and students."
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Natasha - Jasper County Schools
"Using Eduply is an awesome experience, and it’s helping with my confidence in the classroom."
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Lisa - Dublin City Schools
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"I would definitely recommend it to other teachers. In fact, I have already done so."
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Sterling - Fulton Schools

Bespoke services
for schools and districts

Professional Development

Comprehensive professional development services to support schools in AI tool usage and 21st-century learning skills.

Customized AI Experience

Whatever your school or district needs, we can craft customized AI solutions to fit perfectly. Accelerate your experience.

STEAM & STEM Certification

Build a STEAM culture and increase collective teacher efficacy. We'll get you ready for State or COGNIA certification.

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AI Coach: Elevate Your Teaching

Unlock targeted growth with our AI Coach, designed to deliver personalized professional development. Start with a brief, insightful video and engage in a custom conversation geared toward your teaching area and grade. Gain practical strategies and advice to enhance your teaching skills efficiently, ensuring you're always at the forefront of educational excellence.
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Simple affordable pricing

Teachers, schools and districts

Experience the benefits of Eduply with a 30-day risk-free trial. During this period, you can fully test out the capabilities of the platform without any financial commitment. If you're not completely satisfied, you can simply cancel your trial before it ends and pay nothing. No credit card is necessary for trial.  
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  • Access to AI platform

  • On-demand professional development

  • AI Coach for honing skills
  • AI customizations

  • Tailored Professional Development 

  • Reports and analytics
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Cancel any time

Monthly or Annual

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